Here's the info I got! I'll be there!


American Cactus Divers will sponsor the final Ecology Dive for 2007 at the Las Vegas Bay Marina on Saturday November 10th with signups starting at 8:30 AM at the outdoor restaurant area. Dives should begin at 10 AM and we will be treated to lunch around noon.

As usual, donít forget to bring your Certification Card if you will be hitting the water. Last year we brought up over 500 lbs. of goodies, including a model boat, lawn furniture, wine bottles, and the usual find of cell phones, sunglasses, and dock goodies.

The water temps are sitting around 70 at the surface, and mid to upper 60ís at depth, so a 7mm wet suit might work just fine. . . .

. . . With cooler temperatures, the visibility at the lake is getting great. Even with the water level continuing to drop, we still have some great diving to do. So, letís get the gear out, and have a great dive.

We hope to see you soon.

- - Jerry, and the Staff at American Cactus Divers"