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Thread: kelp diving

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    I've always wanted to dive in kelp forests but my wife is terrified that I'll get tangled and asphyxiate down there. Any valid research that supports the opposite out there?
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    The kelp forest, my favorite place on earth. It's like hiking in the forest with the ability to be anywhere in the tree line that suits you. and a heavy canopy is like a semi black out with occasional openings allowing a room to form. The room will commonly be cylindrical and be opened at the top allowing sun shards to filter down. If you are quiet and can maintain position in the water column you can just wait until your presence is accepted and the marine life returns. Then it really neat to just watch and see how they live. Be careful though as time will fly and you can overstay your welcome, air consumption. As for kelp, it doesn't have a personality and won't come get you but instead it allows you to move through it quietly and enjoy it. The entanglement is caused by your gear and the way you configure it, a reg mounted high is a hook waiting to catch some strand as you pass. Learn to slip your rig off one shoulder to the front and untangle it, takes a second with no difficulty or danger, It's a skill worth practice and one that I used many many times as I really enjoy kelp. When the boat pulls up to a spot I find myself watching the water to see the forest and how it is laying. Just find a hole to jump through so your entry is clean and off you go.
    As mentioned the Truth Aquatics boats are great out of Santa Barbara and the Great Escape out of Long Beach goes to San Clemente Island, my favorite place. Enjoy

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