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Thread: Almost a night dive!

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    Here you go.....

    Let me google that for you - Kona Manta Night Dive

    Quote Originally Posted by PhD4JC View Post
    Is the night kona dive with the mantas every night, or seasonal?

    Quote Originally Posted by DiverBoy100 View Post
    I love night dives they are my favorite...everyone who dives should get out here to the kona coast to do the manta ray night dive it would be the dive of your life...i do a lot of night shore dives out here and love everyone...

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    Can't wait to do the manta ray dive myself next month when I head to Kona. We originally were only going to Oahu, but when I saw the manta dives we split our trip to 3 days in Oahu and 3 on the big island.

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