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Thread: Strobes

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilDiver View Post
    "I have seen a strobe on the web called the Intova PX21 for a phenomenally low price compared to other strobes, but I never see a mention of it in forums, reviews or any other comments. Should I completely forget this? Is it a case of you get what you pay for and you might as well stick with your internal flash or pay for an Inon or Ikelite?"

    A versatile slave flash designed for multiple purposes. The kit includes the slave flash, a waterproof housing (175 feet), mounting brackets for land and water use, flex arm, 3 flash diffusers and spare O-rings. An optional fiber optic cable is also available.

    Welcome to the forum!! Nice photo's on FLICKR...

    I have never run into this strobe before... I found it listed for $149. I would be surprised if this would offer a quality solution for UW photography. Could not find any more details so I don't want to bag on a product I don't really know about.
    Good little strobes for small P&S cameras. But it would be totally wasted on a G9. It's like putting a Tail fin from Pep Boys on a Ferrari.

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    Thank you for comments. Compudude, I like the analogy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puffer Fish View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by dbh View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by tbg0519 View Post
    Can I use an underwater light on a camera mount rather than a strobe for taking pictures underwater, or do I really need a strobe instead? Getting my annual bonus and making my wishlist early. Any help is appreciated.
    An underwater light is only useful for assistance with focusing. It is not powerful enough to replace a strobe.

    I will second that.
    Unless your underwater light is a 21w Salvo HID


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