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Thread: why Master Diver?

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    why Master Diver?

    I'm a few dives short of my 100th and have some certs but still need rescue diver. My local shop says I should go after Master Diver status when I accomplish these two goals. But why should I? It's not Divemaster and doesn't have the benefits/resposibilities associated with it and I have to go through more coursework and $$. What's the point? More money for padi?

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    no point that I see, it's just a marketing and sales thing.

    If you don't have enough specialities and there aren't any more you want to take anyway, I don't see how it makes sense to take more just to get "Master Diver". It's not like 5 is a magic number. If you did already have enough specilties, I don't see why it makes sense to send PADI money for a card that doesn't teach you anything additional. But by all means, do Rescue.

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    Get your Rescue cert and stay there.... it sounds cooler when you tell people who don't know about diving! ;-)

    "I am a rescue diver" - Good pickup line I would think... but I have been out of that scene for many many many years!

    I am taking mine this spring and will not move forward, but will take some of the side courses if they interest me or my diving becomes such that I need the info.

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    Master Diver just lets people know that you have 5 or more specialty classes and Rescue. No real need for it otherwise, except status I guess.

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    If having the title makes you hapy, then go for it. If you could care less about having that title, then don't waste your money. For some people it is something to shoot for and have a sense of accomplishment once they do it.
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    We're going to do our Master Scuba Diver, but only because we will happen to have all of the requirements next summer. We figure why the heck not? Same reason I got my DAN Dive Emergency Specialist card....met all the requirements, why not get the certification card too?
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    instead of PADI Master Scuba Diver, think NAUI Master Scuba Diver and you will actually learn something new, take dives that will enhance and improve your diving skill and graduate with a true sense of accomplishment.
    Check the requirements for both and I believe you will agree.

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    I got my Master diver kind of by default. I took the classes I wanted to take, and since it was 5, and included rescue, I was a "Master Diver". I wouldn't take the extra course just to get the Master Diver unless it's something you want to take. My LDS has asked me a few times to go further, but I have no interest in teaching, so this is aboput as far as I will go unless I get into tech diving. Mine is SSI, but I think their requirements are similar to PADI.
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    If you are interested in the specialties and are still looking to add to your circle of dive buddies with people who share similar objectives and interests, then the specialties are worth it. Rescue diver is a great course,absolutely worth it!
    As for Master Scuba Diver, the certficate looks great hanging in the den or over the bar at home.
    FWIW, if a student is willing to do 5 specialties and rescue diver with me, I pony up the cost of the PIC and send it in gratis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaribbeanDiver View Post
    instead of PADI Master Scuba Diver, think NAUI Master Scuba Diver and you will actually learn something new, take dives that will enhance and improve your diving skill and graduate with a true sense of accomplishment.
    Check the requirements for both and I believe you will agree.
    Agreed. This is a difficult course and well worth the time and effort.
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