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    aeris xr1

    Hello i was wondering what people think of this dive computer? im thinking of buying one and wanted to know what people think.

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    I have this computer. I like it. very simple to use and easy to read. It doesn't have nitrox capabilities or a PC interface, but I only do recreational diving and don't need those capabilities. Also has a user replaceable battery. If you don't need the extras, you can't beat the price. I give it a thumbs up!
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    Good computer, but if you think you may ever do nitrox, move up, don't limit yourself. Got one for my wife in March, thinking we wouldn't do nitrox for a couple of years, but we just finished the class, and will be using nitrox next month. If nitrox is not in your future, it is a good simple computer. Exteremely easy to use and get your dives out of the logbook, as opposed to my Gekko, which is a pain.

    Pros: cheap, easy to use and log dives, only one button.

    Cons: air only, no audible alarm for ascent, deco etc, no backlight.

    Doing it again, if I never intended to dive nitrox, I would get one again.

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