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Thread: Loreto, Mexico

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    Loreto was featured recently in the Houston Chronicle's travel section. It instantly caught my eye since it's close (Sea of Cortez), has cheap flights, and sounds like great diving. I contacted Baja Outpost, whichhas diving and accomodations, and they gave me what seems like a great deal (4 days/3 nights/2 days of diving/breakfast included all mornings, and lunch on days of diving) of $330/pp. Airfare is only $198. Does anyone have any comments to add about Loreto in general and about Baja Outpost?
    <DIV>Thanks!! </DIV>

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    WOW. That does sound like a fantastic deal! Please report back if you do in fact go, so we can learn and possibly enjoy this diving spot if it is in fact cheap and fantastic!!

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