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Thread: Differences between 07 and 08 mr22 Abyss?

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    Differences between 07 and 08 mr22 Abyss?

    I was getting ready to buy an mr22 Abyss and noticed that on some sites they are selling an 08' reg. Other than a new body style and a plastic cover on the hose to keep it warmer next to the reg, is there any other differences??

    One site said it was more compact, but how much more compact is it? The 08' abyss is 263g. How much does the 07' weigh??
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    I talked to the Mares vendor at Our World Underwater and from what I gathered there isn't much different from the 07 to 08 MR22 Abyss. When you compare the two regulators the size is not much of an issue. The 08 second stage is slightly smaller, and I mean slightly, than the 07 version. The first stage of the reg is virtually the same. It's always been a heavier reg. The other difference with the 08 Abyss is that you can get it in an MR42 Abyss, which gives it a much smaller and lighter first stage. Mares removed much of the extra material in the first stage to lighten up the reg making it a better travel reg. Whether it's the MR22 or MR 42 both can be fitted with an optional cold water kit. The overall performance is claimed to be the same as the MR22.

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    I believe that the 08 Abyss 2nd stage also now has a plug on the side away from the hose to allow adjusting the lever height without removing the front cover and diaphragm - much the same as the Proton 2nd stages.

    I dive an older MR22 Abyss (and a Ruby) and they are great, easy breathers - my wife just got a 42T Proton Metal and says it is awsome - much better than her V32 Proton XL. I can't confirm this, since she says the only way I get to dive it is to pull it from her cold, dead hands/mouth .

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    dont know much about the difference between the o8 and o7 but I got the o7 and it breathes super easy. Wierd because you think it would free flow when you take it out of the mouth or something because it breathes so easy , but it doesnt. I'm no expert, but this thing breathes easier than the adjustables i've tried
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    Internally, they're identical.

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