View Poll Results: What brand of watch do you wear for Diving

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  • Rolex

    5 3.76%
  • Seiko

    12 9.02%
  • Citizen

    21 15.79%
  • Pulsar

    0 0%
  • Other

    67 50.38%
  • Don't wear a watch

    28 21.05%
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Thread: What type of Watch do we wear for diving

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    Enid, Oklahoma (no longer living the desert life)
    I have the orange faced Seiko diver watch. Best watch I have ever owned. I have gone through so many cheap watches, I've lost track. This watch is built like a tank, and like someone else said earlier, the crystal takes abuse and doesn't show even the slightest hint of a scratch. This watch has been to the depths of Grand Cayman, the caves of Mexico, the DDCN depths of Oklahoma and Missouri lakes, through house fires and now through desert combat. Other than a little "character" added to the SS band, the watch looks and works like new.

    I'd still like to have an orange Doxa though.....

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    You're leaving out my favorite - my Omega Seamaster. Great watch.

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    Houston, Texas
    Timex Ironman.


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    I'm actaully using a $30 Casio from Wally World - not fancy but works well - and if it breaks or I lose it another is easy to obtain!

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    Seiko Diver's 200m

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    G-Shock Mudman, but now replaced with my atom
    One day (hopefully soon!) I'll have a submariner/seamaster
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    Citizen Titanium Aqualand Duplex. Beyond the annoyance of having to be sent off for a battery change, it's a great watch. The depth gauge is dead on what I see on my computer and the "avg depth" calculation is a great logbook feature as is the time in/time out feature. I use the watch for most of my logbook entry data, only downloading the deco computer at home to verify.

    I gave my son my 25yr. old Seiko Divers 200m. It still works and looks great.

    I also have a brand new, never worn, bi-color Rolex Submariner given to me by my brother as (insufficient) collateral on a personal loan. If he defaults, as I think he may, it will be one of the most expensive Rolex's around. I could have bought a solid gold one for that....nice watch tho'.

    (I've never worn it in the hopes he'll get it back one day.)

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    I have an old Citizen I throw in my dive bag in case my computer goes out. Every once in a while, I'll wear my Rolex Submariner if the water's clear.

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    I wear a Casio analogue watch, which is also my daily wear watch. It works well, only cost ~$50 and looks pretty sharp as I often get compliments. People think it's a much more expensive watch.

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    I wear either my G-Shock (forget which model, but it's one of the few with the mineral glass face) or my St. Moritz Professional.

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