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    Aqua Safari

    Please read post #39, page 4 of this, for the positive resolution of this matter.

    I hate to make statements like that, but in this case that's the only way I can describe what happened to me today at approximately 3:30 pm.

    Myself and 4 friends went to the marina on Cozumel to do 2 shore dives from the nearby beach. We entered the water for our first dive, dove for about 40 minutes, then started heading back toward shore. We were towing a standard dive flag and buoy with us.

    As we entered the shallow area near the shore, I was at about 10 feet. Suddenly I heard a very loud boat which sounded like it was getting closer. I looked around, and to my horror, saw a huge dive boat headed directly for our flag, and myself. I kicked hard for the bottom and was able to stay clear of the boat's prop. The boat ran over our flag, going about 40' past it. Then I watched as the boat backed down hard until our flag was just a few feet off the left side of the vessel.

    I made a slow ascent and surfaced beside our flag. I asked the captain if he knew what a dive flag meant. He told me to go away and be quiet. I told him that he "better be more careful or he was likely to kill someone". He again told me to go away.

    I descended and rejoined my dive group. We swam about 40 more feet and ended the dive. When I surfaced again, I saw that the boat's divemaster was in the water just 20' away. I decided to talk to him. I swam over to about 10' away, and before I could say anything he said "Do you have authorization to be instructing here." I said, "no, I'm not an instructor and am not teaching. I would appreciate it if you would not run your boat over my dive flag. You almost killed me."

    He replied, "Do you have a marine park pass? I don't think you do." Then he said to his divers, "Come on, we're descending now." This ticked me off, and I said, "No, I'm not done with you yet!" He then said, "you better shut up and be careful what you complain about, or I will call the park service on you." Then he said to his captain, in spanish, "Call the national park." I told him, "Do what you want, I really don't care about them. How would you feel if someone ran YOUR flag over?" (He had an identical flag with him) He again told me to shut up and leave, then he descended.

    This behavior is not acceptable. A professional dive operator intentionally endangered my life and the life of all the divers in my group, then had the balls to imply that it was my fault for even diving there at all.

    To operator was AquaSafari, their boat was the Ocean Two. I suggest that if you travel to Cozumel, avoid this operator at all cost. They are obviously only concerned with their paying customers and nothing else.

    Here's the boat a few minutes later after they drifted down-current. Picasa Web Albums - Jonathan - Cozumel
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    Sorry to hear about the incident. It's hard to imagine anyone could be so wreckless and then so indignant to boot. Glad to hear everyone in your group is fine. I would make a formal complaint to the park service or some other regulating authority if you're willing to stand by your statement.

    I had a close encounter this year with a commerical dive boat in NJ. Buddy & I were diving from private boat. We were anchored into the wreck and were flying a dive down flag. The commercial dive boat buzzed our boat while buddy & I were on the surface. They came within 15 feet of us and within 20 ft of our boat. They were moving a quite a good clip. We can only guess they were attempting to get the numbers for the wreck we were on.

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    Scary stuff!
    I started a post about the real merits of a dive flag

    I don't use them for the reasons you two give.

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    Cozumel Scuba Diving with Aqua Safari They have a "contact us" option on their website.
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    Maybe this should be a side conversation, but what would you guys do as a diver if you were on that boat?

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    I don't know who would be appropriate to contact, but if there is some authority that oversees this, report them. Make a complaint. If you don't what happens to the next guy? Probably nothing can be done, but wish there was a way to drive out businesses that act like this.

    S. Nagel

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    divers should protect divers. did you really need a permit? do you think that this was 'their territory' and you were 'invader number 72' ? Maybe he was just fed up with the whole thing. then again anger can be as deadly as panic. there is NO excuse for buzzing you and your dive flag. But... there must be another side of the story (at least in his mind) I'm glad you are safe and I agree Aqua Safari is OFF my list!!
    God is good, no matter what!!

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    I would find out what organization they are affiliated with and contact them...padi, naui, or ss...
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    Quote Originally Posted by moosicman View Post
    I would find out what organization they are affiliated with and contact them...padi, naui, or ss...
    Good idea! They are a PADI 5-star dive center.

    So far, I've posted this on 3 forums, and sent the story to 3 magazines, and now 1 training agency.....will be interesting to see what comes out of the woodwork....

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    Their "contact us" is not working on my computer. Perhaps someone else could contact them and advise them of this thread and a similar thread on scubaboard.
    Cozumel Scuba Diving with Aqua Safari

    They are a PADI op.


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