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    I'll be in Osaka on business for 6 weeks and was wondering if there is any diving around there

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    Mmm... I don't know that Osaka Wan is a premier diving destination necessarily. However, you're not so terribly far from Izu Hanto, which has some nice sightseeing. You're also not far from Tokyo.

    You can also make your way to Shikoku quite easily. There is decent diving off Kochi. Keep in mind that the Shikoku bit would be using Japanese all the way, so if you're looking for a mini Japanese break then this might not be it for you.

    Or go south to Kyushu. People dive off Fukuoka, or southern Oita, or better yet go further south, to Kumamoto/Miyazaki/Kagoshima. Maybe Nagasaki?

    As you're in Osaka, look for an inexpensive package to Okinawa, which would be your flight and hotel, and often a car. Even just going to Naha is good, as I've dived the Keremas a few times. Naha's a fun city too. You can book stuff with ANA online, and the nice thing with ANA is you can go to Lawson's to pay. Many people use travel to find stuff too.

    Here's what you might do:
    -Go to
    -Search for 'Osaka Wan Diving'; 'Kansai Diving'; 'Osaka Diving Shop';
    (FYI you use katakana 'daibingu' or 'scu-ba daibingu' for diving, diving shop is just that-- 'daibingu shoppu'. Sorry, the characters won't display right or I'd just type them for you...)
    -You could also do these searches at
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