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Thread: Aeris Atmos ai downloading

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    Aeris Atmos ai downloading

    I have an Aeris ai computer and have not been able to download dives onto my pc, I have downloaded the softwared from Aeris but it will not let me download from my ai. Has anyone else experienced this problem? What was the solution.


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    RE: Atmos AI computer downloads

    I had trouble the first time I tried this as well. What I found is that there is a very explicit set of instructions on the download window that you must follow EXACTLY in order for the connection to work. For example, the instructions say to plug the USB cable into the PC, then click on the search icon. If the cable is already plugged into the PC before accessing this screen, the AI will not connect to the interface.

    I hope this helps.

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    I have the Aeris Atmos AI.

    Did you download and load the latest drivers for your OS? - Scuba Diving Services - Software

    Are you following the directions?
    Launch ACI Program
    Click Dive (under dive log tree item)
    Click Add Dives Icon (+)
    Select your DC type from the dropdown list.
    Click OK
    Plug in USB Cable
    Click test interface button (Magnifying glass)
    You should see "USB interface not found" message change to "USB Interface found"
    Plug the cable into the DC make sure it is in straight and seated.
    Press both buttons to access Set 1 menu
    Press front button 4 times to get to PC Mode. You should see a 120 second count down timer.
    On you pc hit the Start button > on the menu bar.
    When communication is established you will see all of the segments of the DC display turn on (looks like the POST - Power On Self Test).

    Good luck
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    I have the Aeris Atmos AI V2 with metal buttoms.... pressing advance four times in Set 1 does not reveal PC Mode. Anyone seen that?

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