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Thread: Okinawa March 2008

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    Okinawa March 2008

    My wife and I will be visiting our daughter (USMC Cpl) in Okinawa for a week starting March 5. We will be staying at the Cottages in Camp Schwab.

    I am a new diver (just certified, open and enriched) just for this trip.

    I am looking for some advice on diving there. I will only be bringing mask and snorkle. I will need to rent the rest.

    My wife and daughter do not dive so I will need to go with some group or something.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    if its like guam should have no problem renting gear on base

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    You shouldn't have any problems renting gear on base. Just make sure that you bring your c-cards with you. I manage the Courtney Tsunami scuba locker and I'll be able to help you since Hansen is closed for renovations.

    One thing though, since alot of mishaps has happened with the military and Okinawan community, she is going to need a waiver from her command to approve gear rental. She should already know this but, to give a heads up so no surprises.

    As far as groups we should be able to help you out with that as well.
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    make sure you check on restrictions on travel off-base for U S military and civilians while you're there. they are currently restricted to base.....
    Go dive!


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    I was just there in January. I was suppost to be doing my student teaching there in a DOD's school, but I blew out my back almost a soon as I got there and had to come home. I did get to tool around the island a little though. There is an area called the "seawall" The street there is lined with dive shops, and the wall has many entry points. It is my understanding that you just gear up, hike down a few steps, and splash in. I saw some pictures that my cooperating teachers son had taken there on a shore dive. There we clown fish nestled in anemones, schools of Moorish Idols, and even one of a sea turtle. I really wish I had been able to get wet, but from what I saw your don't even have to hop on a boat to experience some amazing dives. Also the marine base I was staying on had a dive shop right on it, and you could rent gear for like $12 a day so definitly look into that.
    good luck
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