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Thread: Epcot Dive Quest

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    Quote Originally Posted by ontheheap View Post
    I'm calling tomorrow to make reservations for this dive. It's an anniversary present for the wife (and me).

    I hope they let you wear your own mask. We have RX lenses so can't dive without our masks.

    Yes they allow you to wear your mask
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    I have done this Dive and I think they will let you use your own mask but not positive... all an all it was a fun dive with all the sharks even if it is in a big fish bowl.
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    we've done it 4 times now, it's a lot of fun! you can use your own mask, and I think if you have a wrist comp, you can use it too. you'll never see that much sea life in a single dive... enjoy!
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    This was my daughter's first dive after her OW class completed. My 2 sons, daughter and I dove it. As everyone said, this is a all work done for you dive. Very friendly staff, well maintained gear and they had up to 4x wetsuits.

    My daughter went in scared of sharks, and the funny part is the sharks are somewhat schizo, they constantly swim in the same figure 8 pattern. Well we were swimming along the bottom and apparently stopped in the sharks standard route, they didn't swerve, they just swam right into us, pushed passed us and left. It took my daughter a couple minutes to calm down, but the rest of the dive was great. I know she had a great time swimming upside in front of some of the young kids looking through the glass.
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    When I did my dive in 2008 I was one of 2 divers. I bypassed most of the tour and hung out with my kids at the glass. Then to my surprise, Mickey swam up. He hung out with me and my kids at the glass for quite a while.

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    I just did this dive last week. I can echo many of others comments. I thought the tour was really neat before the dive. Going in through the "Cast Members only" entrance made me feel all special. I thought everything was well run, the gear was a perfect fit, and the dive was fun. Interacting with your family under water, who usually only gets to hear about your diving, was really cool. Waving to all the kids and guests was a blast. Watching their faces light up when the "Diver" acknowledges them, was great. My only complaint is the gear setup. The gear fit well, and was in great condition, but they are only setup with a single 2nd stage. Once the underwater "tour" was done we could go wherever we wanted, basically soloing. We weren't buddied up and there were plenty of places where you could be out of sight of the DM or any other divers. I just would have been more comfortable with a second 2nd. All in all a great dive, and going face to face (about 3' eye to eye) with a shark was amazing! Ok, they're "tame" but still an animal, I'll admit, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up for a second there.

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    I did this last year, would love to do it again Just remember not to touch the turtles...and if you wave at them, they come to you. I forget how much the DVD was, but you can buy a video of your dive at the end.
    The sealife was awesome! First (and only) time I have dove in anything other than a quarry or lake . Sharks, all kinds of stuff. I liked waving at the children and families on the other side of the glass and at the bottom windows where the resturaunt I was asking one person for a bite of their sammy
    Every year my family goes on a trip to disney, i could not go this year...but it is on the agenda every time I go....also, if you are military you get a discount.
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    I did the dive about a week ago. It was really cool and really worth while, especially if you don't have a ton of great dives under your belt. I even found a shark tooth!

    If you have a Disney Visa, the cost is 20% off. PADI and NAUI will get you 10% off. I had the Disney Visa, so the whole thing was just under $150 with tax. The normal cost is $175 plus tax.

    I did the 4:40 pm dive and they just let us go into the park after the dive. I had park admission, but I suppose you could get a free couple of hours in the park afterwards. I imagine most people have their families there to see them dive through the glass. They provide a videographer who will shoot some video of you with your family through the window. Cost of the video is $35.

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